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Kamis, 15 Mei 2008

Tems cell planner

TEMS™ CellPlanner is Ericsson's advanced tool for design, rollout, and optimization of mobile radio networks. Developed by Ericsson, TEMS CellPlanner provides superior planning and optimization capabilities to save time and money during network deployment of 2G, 2.5G, and 3G networks.

TEMS CellPlanner is built on the latest Java platform and is designed for class-leading accuracy and speed in planning and optimization tasks. It is a graphical and easy-to-use PC-based tool.

TEMS CellPlanner assists the user in performing complex tasks, including network dimensioning, traffic planning, site configuration, frequency, code planning and Automatic Cell Planning . Features such as accurate network modeling and advanced algorithms make TEMS CellPlanner key to competing successfully in the mobile communications marketplace.

TEMS CellPlanner provides full support for voice and data services in GSM, WCDMA and WiMAX . It provides support for GPRS and EDGE implemented in GSM systems, HSDPA/EUL(HSUPA) including the latest release of the HSDPA (phase2) implemented in WCDMA systems, and the PUSC (Partial Usage of Subcarriers) feature in WiMAX.
Use TEMS CellPlanner to:
Plan, design, and optimize networks
Analyze coverage and interference
Plan and optimize network with live interference and traffic data
Analyze TEMS logfile data and autotune propagation models
Utilize drive test data with the Automatic Measurement Integrator (AMI), which keeps pathloss prediction constantly updated and drive test measurements effectively reused
Optimize inter- and intra-technology neighbor cell relationships
Review network capacity planning and optimization for voice and data services
Create scripts and improve work efficiency
Perform Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP)
Optimize WCDMA networks with Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
Connect Planning tool and live system using OSS RC WCDMA Interface

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