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Kamis, 24 Juli 2008

Drive Test Troubleshooting

Ideally, the drive testers do on site evaluation to decide whether DT result is in acceptable value or not? If the result of dive test is not in acceptable value following step can be done as quick solution:
1. If the RxLevel is bad compared with coverage plot :
- Please describe contour condition. If there’s a hill/valley, trees, building, or any other obstacles take a picture to justify the condition
- Please check the antenna tilting, antenna azimuth and terrain condition. Inform all of this information in DT Report.
2. If sector of site that will be drive tested face to the sea and there is other coverage that face to the sea, dedicated mode must be in locked mode.
3. If the SQI is bad, please check used Speech codec whether it is in FullRate, HalfRate, and EFR. Ideally EFR gives the best SQI value
4. If RxQual is bad, please check whether hopping is active or not from Hopping Channel value in “Current Channel” Window in TEMS. If no hopping is active, there is possibility of Interference on BCCH channel. Do scan channel in idle mode to get info from where interference come from.

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