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Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Iklan RF Optimization

Sumber kali ini didapat dari telecomfunda untuk topik RF optimization. 

Mencari tipe RRU di node B
There are several ways to Find RRU type in Node B.
For Ericsson System connect through MOSHELL and
Enter command cabx you can find the RRU type.
Also enter INVH Command for RRU and DUW type.

How to get HSDPA users in Ericsson System?

This is the formula:
HSDPA users average cell:
HS_Users = (pmSumBestPsHsAdchRabEstablish) / (pmSamplesBestPsHsAdchRabEstablish)

How Immediate Assignment Failures effect GSM KPI? 

Immediate assignment failure can occur in the following cases.

• Answer to paging 
• Emergency call 
• Call reestablishment 
• Other services (Orig. call, SMS, SS) 
• Mobile Originating call 
• Location update 
• Other procedures (IMSI detach, SMS, SS, etc.) 

 There are three main reasons for immediate assignment failures 

1. Unsuccessful Immediate Assignment Procedure, No SDCCH Available “SD Blocking” 
2. Unsuccessful Immediate Assignment Procedure, No AGCH Available (AGCH Overload) 
“Check for configuration being used in cell. Is it combined BCCH or non combined BCCH.” 
3. Unsuccessful Immediate Assignment Procedure, assigned SDCCH is not seized by the MS (Phantom RACH Scenario) 
“Check if cell is serving a very large area then we might need to increase ‘RxLevAccessMin’ as the cell is taking traffic from a large distance.

 RRC Establishment Cause Description
Cause 0 Originating Conversational Call
Cause 1 Originating Streaming Call
Cause 2 Originating Interactive Call
Cause 3 Originating Background Call
Cause 4 Originating Subscribed traffic Call
Cause 5 Terminating Conversational Call
Cause 6 Terminating Streaming Call
Cause 7 Terminating Interactive Call
Cause 8 Terminating Background Call
Cause 9 Emergency Call
Cause 10 Inter-RAT Cell re-selection
Cause 11 Inter-RAT Cell change order
Cause 12 Registration
Cause 13 Detach
Cause 14 Originating High Priority Signaling
Cause 15 Originating Low Priority Signaling
Cause 16 Call re-establishment
Cause 17 Terminating High Priority Signaling
Cause 18 Terminating Low Priority Signaling
Cause 19 Terminating – cause unknown

Here is thedetailed procedure:

1) Open TEMS and export log file in text format (.FMT file) by selecting L2 and L3 messages.

2) open text file (.FMT file) in excel and look for "Events" column.
3) Apply filter on "Events" column and filter "Call setup"
4) After filter you will see something like this in next column: "MO call setup time 1234ms, user time 5678ms"
5) So the MO call setup time is 1234ms is your call setup time

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